Alexander Plenk, CFA, Head of Investment Research, BayernLB

Alexander Plenk is Head of Investment Research at BayernLB and focuses on banks. Before joining BayernLB in 2013, he worked as a credit analyst at UniCredit Bank AG for eight years and as an equity analyst at Bankgesellschaft Berlin for five years. Alexander has a Bachelor’s degree from Berufsakademie Berlin, and an MBA degree from the Technical University of Berlin. He is a CFA Charterholder.

Maja Praprotnik Zupan, Head of Front Office, Treasury Directorate, Ministry of Finance

Maja Praprotnik Zupan is Head of Front Office in the Treasury Directorate at the Ministry of Finance of Republic of Slovenia. She joined the Ministry in December 2002. Her main responsibilities involve public debt management activities, i.e. issues of Government Bonds and Treasury Bills, liability management transactions, market monitoring as well as Government Budget liquidity management and Single Treasury Account management. She is a member of the Liquidity Commission of the Ministry of Finance and internal boards for managing risks in the Treasury Directorate and the Ministry of Finance. She is also a member of the Economic Financial Committee, Subcommittee on EU Sovereign Debt Markets of the European Commission.

Ms Maja Praprotnik Zupan holds a B.A. from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics and a Masters of Science from University of Primorska.

Luca Felice Mezzomo, Head of Macroeconomic Research, Intesa Sanpaolo Spa

Born in Milan in 1966, he completed his undergraduate studies in economics at Università Cattolica – Milan. In 1992 he was granted the “B. Stringher” scholarship by the Bank of Italy. In 1993 he obtained a M.Sc degree in Economics from the London School of Economics. From 1994 to 1999 he worked as applied macroeconomist for Banca Commerciale Italiana, initially with a focus on currency markets. In 1997-98 he also joined the Euro Project of Banca Commerciale Italiana, which had been set up to coordinate the bank’s changeover to the single currency. He has been leading Intesa’s team of macro & fixed income research since 2000. The team focuses on European macroeconomics, currency and commodity markets, euro government debt markets. He is editor of the reports Mercati flash, Weekly Economic Monitor and Macroeconomic Outlook. Since 2011, he has been focusing more and more on Italian issues and the Eurozone debt crisis. He regularly meets with international institutional investors to provide them with updates and advice on the Italian economy and Italian debt markets. From 2015, he also supervises the activities of the retail research team. In his spare time, he is an amateur entomologist and birdwatcher, actively supporting local nature conservation projects in Northern Italy.

Marchel Alexandrovich, Senior European Economist, Jefferies International Limited

Marchel Alexandrovich is a Managing Director and a Senior Economist at Jefferies International. He works within the Fixed Income division in London and covers all aspects of European economics. He joined Jefferies at the beginning of 2011, coming across from Lloyds Banking Group where he spent three years initially working as a member of the Chief Economist’s Office and then part of the bank’s Capital Markets division. Before then he started his career at Dresdner Kleinwort where he worked since 2001 and focused on the UK and euro area economies. Since joining Jefferies, Marchel has travelled extensively seeing Central Bank officials and private sector investors around Europe, Asia and Africa. Prior, Marchel received an MPhil in Economics from Oxford and a BSc from Carnegie Mellon University.

Tomaž Čemažar, Deputy Director of Banking Supervision, Banka Slovenije

Tomaž Čemažar is a Deputy Director of Banking Supervision Department at Banka Slovenije. His main responsibilities include planning and coordination of all supervisory activities, on-site examinations, analysis of specific risk areas, crisis management coordination and ICAS maintenance and operation. He is a member of Centralized On-site Inspection and Planning and Coordination Network at European Central Bank and Standing Committee on Oversight and Practices at European Banking Authority. He finished his studies at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics.